The bull Diabolus represents power, might and stability.
His name is a direct contradiction to his character and represents only the superficial judgement from his surroundings.
Those who take the time to know him better thrive on his inner energy.


Velikost kipa

59 x 41 x 39 cm

Mešana tehnika


With it's elegant for form and gold platting Plutos represents might with a special charm.
The sculptures elegant form is situated on a very special stone base that combine the raw might of the sculpture.

36 x 43cm

Mixed technique


The sculpture of DIablo is actually my first depiction of a torus.
With it's powerful lines and flaring nostrils it represents robustness, power and stability emanating extraordinary power and energy.
The base of the sculpture is a specially shaped stone that serves to even emphasize his stance.


66 x 27 x 25cm

Mixed technique


A head of a torus accentuated by the abnormally large ring in its nostrils mounted on a rough peace of wood that can be set on a shelf or mounted on the wall.



33 x 17 X 20cm

Mixed technique


Every living thing even though it might be rough and invincible but still holds the secret of life, love and forgiveness in itself.

The sculpture of the bull Agape power and stability as it's name is derived from Greek mythology and represents selflessness and unconditional spiritual love with endless compassion and empathy. 

Underneath it's mighty exterior beats a timeless spirit as it radiates the purest form of love and compassion without expectations in return.

20 x 20 x 30cm

Mixed technique


The torus Optimus seems metallic, rugged and cold as a result of the visible structure that is a result of the basic design concept.
Becaue of a shortage of clay I was forced to make compromises and find alternative solutions and while searching for a solution I accidental found a case of tools so I decided to use the washers and bushings together with wire and clay to form the sculpture.

The sculpture is situated on a stone base that gives the form rigidity and combines it in to a powerful sculpture.



20 x 10 x 21cm

Mixed technique


Urgullo is the smallest sculpture of a mysterious little torus despite his small size gives of a very large vibe since his pose represents power and pride.
The torus is situated on a peace of granit stone that completes the statue into one whole.



19 x 14 x 21cm

Mixed technique


ARGUERE are a group of stampeding bulls that had come together each from their own direction trying to overtake one another with their own might.



Mixed technique


LEYA Marinčič